We have a mine of crystals from all around the World, both rare and popular.  Here is a very small sample  of what we have in stock.....

Fluorite Heart:  Fluorite clears tension headaches and eases problems associated with the ears, sinuses, throat and tonsils.  It calms buzzing thoughts that shop you relaxing and sleeping.  It is great for meditation and works well with hyperactive children.  Fluorite promotes spiritual and psychic wholeness and development, protection, and brings peace.  It helps one meditate and learn to go past the "chatter" that our minds tend to generate when first learning to meditate. Deeper meditation past the "chatter" can give access to cosmic truth, attune to spirit guides or animal totems. This energy can be used to manifest one's life purpose. 

Popcorn Rock: this is a naturally occuring rock mined in the Great Basin of the western US. Simply place the 2-3 inch rock in a bowl of vinegar and watch the popcorn-like aragonite crystals grow over the next 1-2 weeks.
Twin Pyrite Cube:  Pyrite is sometimes called Fools Gold because of it's similarity in colour and shape to gold.  In the old mining days Pyrite was sometimes mistaken for gold as they frequently occur together, although they can very easily be distinguished by simple observation and testing of characteristics!  
Rainbow Fluorite Double Terminated Point:  This magnificent Rainbow Fluorite cut point comes from China and is of a very high grade, displaying stunning bands of exquisite rich dark purples and striking blues and greens which mix together to give a truly attractive and alluring effect.  
Ammonite pairs: cut and polished fossil from Madagascar, 120 millions years old from the Cretaceous period.  These are found in the jungles of Mahajanga on the north west coast of Madagascar.  The rough Ammonite was cut and polished to make a pair, revealing the rich internal golden brown calcite chambers.  The Ammonite is a very powerful earth healing fossil. Its spiral shape symbolizes continual change and evolution. They are also said to remove all negative energies.  The Ammonite is also often recommended to put in the home to attract health, prosperity and success.

Amethyst Clusters:  We a great selection of Amethyst  clusters of various sizes and prizes.  Often called the all-healer, Amethyst is one of the most effective crystals for any kind of healing work.  It is effective for people, animals and plants and can even recharge other crystals with healing powers.  It is potent for ailments of both mind and body, especially emotional problems.  

Fossilised Wood:  also known as petrified food, these are Monkey Puzzle tree slices from the Triassic Period and are over 248 million years old.  As the earth's natural elements and minerals seep through the bark of the tree, the inside gradually becomes red jasper.  It is good for grounding and stabilizing one's emotions.  It helps you to be practical and is good for success in business.  It's great for general protection and physically it is used in crystal healing for the bones, backaches, skin and hair.  It is also used in past life regression.

Faceted Natural Citrine:  we have a wonderful collection of natural citrine points from Madagascar.  This very beautiful variety of quartz is completely natural in colour and has not been treated in any way.  Each piece is stunning in it's own way! 
Labradorite freeform: we have these in various sizes and prices.  Each piece is stunningly unique.  It is names after where it was first found - Labrador in Canada, and usually comes in beautiful colours of grey white, pale green and different shades of blue with flecks of gold and iridescent blue flashes.  Labradorite will help you become the person that you are destined to be.  It will cleanse your aura and work with your chakras to remove the bad habits, thoughts and feelings that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.
Smoky Quartz points:  high grade smoky quartz points.  Each one is different and equally as stunning.  The warm clear smoky quartz points were found in the Antsirabe region of Madagascar and have been highly polished on their naturally formed faces.  The clarity of these pieces is excellent making them perfect for healers or collectors.

If there is a particular crystal you are looking for, then please contact us.  If we don't have it in stock, we will do our best to source it for you.

The images shown on this page are representative of the items we have in stock.