What is Fair Trade?  It's about better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers.  It’s also about supporting the development of thriving farming and worker communities that have more control over their futures and protecting the environment in which they live and work.

We have chosen very carefully who we buy our Fair Trade items from as it's important to us that the right communities are being helped and in the right way.  The wholesalers we use support the communities to such an extent, that they know the workers and their families by name and visit the villages several times a year.  They make sure that the workers have decent working conditions and that they have everything they need.  By opting for a Fair Trade product you are doing part in ensuring sustainable and environment friendly production and financial security and prosperity for skilled craftsman at no added costs to you.  A lot of our fair trade items are made from Albesia wood.  This is a popular choice by the Indonesian wood carvers when making their handicrafts. The fast growing Albesia tree can be harvested after just four years with a diameter of 8"/20cm. This makes it easy to manage in sustainable plantations.

The images below give you an idea of the kind of Fair Trade items we have in stock, subject to availability.

This stunning cane motorbike is hand made so each one is slightly different.  It comes in three sizes:  9ins, 15ins and 20ins. 

Buddha Sun wall plaque - 30cm.  A stunning golden hand crafted wall plaque to brighten any room!

Stunning chakra wooden hand painted chakra plaque - 60cm

This white wash elephant drawer set is hand carved from Albesia wood and is available in two different sizes:  50cm tall and 100cm tall.
Gold coloured pentragram plaque - 25cm.  Also available in black.
Blue Dragon, hand moulded from sawdust - 20in x 12in

Iguana hand moulded out of sawdust and perched on a piece of driftwood.  Styles, colours and designs vary.


These gorgeous thunder shakers are great in Christmas stockings!  Each one is 48cm including the spring.

A colourful Smoking Dragon incense holder.  These are hand painted so each one is slightly different and the dragon is moulded by hand out of sawdust.  Light the sticks and watch the dragon breath smoke!  Available in green or black. 

Green Man Mask- 30cm.

Pair of tribal masks - 50cm
Wiki Tiki wall masks, sold individually - 50cm.  Tiki Masks are carved wooden masks that represent deities or gods from the Hawaiian and Polynesian Culture. They are used as home decor and they also serve various purposes such as warding off evil spirits and increasing the owners fertility! They hold such high significance in Polynesian culture that they, along with other Tiki sculptures, have become defining symbols of the Tiki culture.  Many of the Tiki Masks are designed based on the four main Gods. Kane is the God of sunlight, and natural life; Ku is the God of war; Lono is the God of peace, winds, rain sports and fertility; Kanaloa is the God of the ocean. Each Tiki God holds a different meaning.  Hand carved wooded Tiki sculptures are now evaluated and regarded on the same level of other forms of art and sculpture, with the benefit to their owners of being rich with meaning.  
Tree of Life Plaque - 25cm