We have over 80 different fragrances of Incense sticks and cones from both the Nag Champa and Stamford range.  If there is a particular fragrance you require and we do not stock it, please let us know and we will try to source it for you.

Below are images of the Incense sticks and cones that are nearly always in stock, however, there times when it may be difficult to get hold of them.   For other varieties, please come and visit us in the shop.

All incense sticks and cones are:

£1.50 per pack or 4 packs for £5.00

Moldavite Incense £4.00 each

Below are a sample of Incense Holders.  These are subject to change ... 

Ceramic Smoking Dragon for use with Incense cones only.  Smoke leaves the dragons mouth when the incense cone is lit.  Comes with small dish to sit the egg and cone on.

Fair Trade Smoking Drgaon Incense holder.  These are all hand made and the dragon is made out of sawdust and then painted by hand.  This means that each one is individual.  Stunning to look.  They come coloured or black.

Round wooden Incense cone and stick holder.  These all come in various sizes and designs, so there is something for everyone!

Flat Wooden Ashcatchers.  These come in various designs and are subject to change.

Coloured Flat Ashcatchers.  These come in various colours and designs including Ganesh, Buddha and Ohm.

Coloured Flat Ashcatchers with a floral design.  Colours may vary. 

Wooden long box ash catcher made from Mango wood.  31cm long and 5cm wide - comes with incense sticks.  Designs and fragrances vary.

Small wooden incense cone holder.  Designs may vary but are usually available with the Ohm, Buddha or Ying and Yang brass inlay.

This beautiful pink 'Love' wooden incense box is hand painted and comes complete with 10 cones.  A perfect gift for someone you love, to brighten their day, or as a little treat for yourself.

This lovely blue 'Joy' incense box is hand painted and comes complete with 10 incense cones.  The ideal small gift to make someone happy when they are feeling blue!

Give this gorgeous 'Peace' incense box, painted in green, as a gift for someone who could do with some quiet time.  It comes with 10 incense cones included.

This gorgeous 'Smoking Dwarf' is part of our Summerisle Design collection.  He is hand painted and 17cm in height.

This cute little baby dragon incense burner by Summerisle Design stands 12cm tall and is hand painted so each one is slightly different. 

Small incense boxes made of Mango wood and containing incense cones.  Designs and fragrances vary