Below are links to other websites you may find interesting...

Dawn Banks, Spiritual Medium   Dawn is a partner in Crystalz and Rainbowz and also the in-house Spiritual Medium.  Her website explains how she started working with Spirit and also has testimonial from previous clients.

Aspects Paranormal Group   Aspects Paranormal is run by Stuart and Dawn.  They investigate haunted properties across Berkshire and hold paranormal events.
The best way to do this is for us to visit the property and to communicate with the Spirit who needs help moving into the light.  This is done purely by talking to them, to find out who they are, although this part can often take some time, and to see what their understanding of the 'situation' is.  

Spirits Reunited Rescue   This is another field of Spirit related work that Stuart and Dawn are involved in.  Spirit Rescue helps those who are experiencing paranormal activity in their home or workplace.   This can include things such as smells that are not normally there, people talking and walking, cold spots and sometimes the feeling that they are being watched.

The aim of Spirit Rescue is to not only find out what is causing these things to happen but to also help any lost souls that wish to find their way home.